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Here are some of the interesting events that we found in our Record Book that dates back to the opening of the school in 1917.
( Notice that all of the records are in English until the 60s.)

This school was opened on the first day of October 1917, when forty one scholars were admitted. In the afternoon the children were given a half day holiday.

8/11/17 Mrs. Davies the assistant teacher absent as her husband came home on leave from France.

9/1/18 In spite of all efforts to to keep up good fires in the stoves, the temperature has not been above 44degrees for the last three days.

19/4/18 Mrs. Davies absent. Goes to visit her husband who was wounded in France and has just arrived in Norwich.

6/1/19 School reopens. Miss Elias commences duties as Uncertified teacher. Salary 40 per annum.

23/1/20 Coal was ordered on 20th Dec.has not yet come. We are absolutely without any fires.

Syllabus for year 1922-1923
Seniors - Nature, Geography, History, English, Welsh, Arithmetic, Drawing.
Juniors - as above but also Sewing, Physical exercises,
Infants - Reading (Welsh), Arithmetic, Scripture, Stories, Recitation, Singing, Nature, Physical Exercise, Embroidery cards, Clay, Crayon book.

13/2/53 Measles epidemic 10 out of 31 absent.

21/6/53 Took children to Carmarthen to see film of Coronation.

6/6/68 Eisteddfod yn Llanrwst. Plant yn aros ym Metws y Coed dros nos-ymddygiad

ardderchog. Safle y band -6ed gyda 79 marc.

Dyma ychydig o'r digwyddiadau diddorol y daethpwyd o hyd iddynt yn ein Llyfr Lg sy'n dyddio nl i agoriad yr ysgol yn 1917.
(Sylwch fod y cofnodi i gyd yn Saesneg tan y 60au.)

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